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Oh My WordPress!

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Just a simple reflection on what we were asked to do from last week class. We had to read on blog which describes more on our on going task for the next coming week.

But before that, our lecturer had showing various type of videos as an introduction of what we have to next for this course. Doing what?? Yeah, making our own video. Err.. Or you can just use imagination on improvising other videos to make another video of your own. It depends on the group choices. There are ‘Action and Documentary’ and many more.

For all other information, we can just click on, our beloved lecturer blog. Indeed, there are much information that can help me by just reading and gathering information from her blog – our ‘Ummi’ Prof. Dr. Rosseni Din. Of course, seniors from other courses are also there, just like me. Hehe 🙂

Whatever it is, I’m quite excited but feared with this ‘Educational Technology’ as it sounds hard for me. In addition, I lack of exposure to this ICT world. A lot more to discover and learn. But I’m fine with it. Insyaallah, I will do my best.

Last but not least, here is some video that I found in YouTube, just a simple video explaining on WordPress. Check it out! —–>

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Hello world! Hi! Hi!

teacher ekin ^_^

teacher ekin ^_^


Assalamualaikum and good day!

Ahhh… Finally, I manage to spend time and creating this blog. Actually, I was planning on doing this from last Friday. But then, many things came out and I realized that was the time my emotions was tested. (sabar..sabar..) =_=’

But never mind.. At least I beat my problems and here I am. First and for most, Alhamdulillah, thank God for giving me everything that I need. Did you ever come across with this, err… I don’t know. Is it a philosophy or some ‘kata-kata pujangga’ – God intends to give us what we need, not what we now think we want (C.S. Lewis).

Exactly! That is what I stand for. I believe it and always thinking positive of what happened. Don’t ask me why?? Because ‘semua yang terjadi ada hikmahnya..’ Sounds familiar right..? Hehe. Well, yeah, that’s my point.

OMG! Did I introduced myself from the beginning? Ohh.. Almost miss it. I’m Norashikin Ismail, TESL student from UKM. I’m a Penangite. Err.. Well, if your definition of Penangite is someone who is born in Penang. 🙂 The purpose for this blog is for my GGGE 2153 Educational Technology course besides it’s for my “tempat luahan perasaan”. (Sort of)

Gladly, I will stop nagging here. Insyaallah, I will write again sooner or later. Till then, assalamualaikum…. 🙂

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