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: SicK :

Now, we are in week 6. (already?)

Hurmm.. For this week class, I’ve got fever & headache which stopped me from going to class. Ahhhh.. 😦

I know what you’re thinking about.. What I’m going to write about this week reflection, right..? Well, I’m thinking the same. But, that doesn’t mean I’m going to skip my reflection for this week. (how good I am 😀 ) Err.. Just.. My reflection for this week is not going to be as long as other reflection. ruginyaa tak datang kelass. huhu

I asked my friends about what they were doing during that class, the activities, the foods, the drinks and so on. Ouch! If only I could turn back time… 😦 Huuaaaa 😥


Alhamdulillah.. I know I’m strong and I will endure it! 😀

According to Farahin and Erna, they were having an outdoor class. Yeahh.. I read that in blog.

– How lucky they are –

It’s okay.. Like what ‘Ummi’ said, they were having a short class just recap-ing on what we’ve learnt in week 4 and week 5.  After explaining our group storyboard (we change our first plan actually, many times) but our facilitators seemed okay with it and supports our ideas. Great! *which means we don’t have to discuss anymore about on this

For this idea, our aim is still on recording a trip (kind of) to Broga – climb up the hill, interview the peoples there and at the same time appreciating nature. Wow! Sounds like a grand TV expedition right? Haha 😀

While having a picnic (?) at the backyard of ‘Ummi”s office, ehh.. Not yet lah! There, they we’re doing the recording session on ‘Hybrid Environment Lesson’ which require them to voice out their opinions and view about the learning.

Next, after done with all the recording stuff, of course they were enjoying the meals provided. The nasi lemak, drink and YES, CHEESE CAKE from SECRET RECIPE. (*it’s okay Ekin, it’s okay, Maybe next time*) =_=’

– Adira’s gallery –

Errmm.. Because of I’m absent that day, I miss all those fun. Thanks to Farahafizah, for being so sweetttt~~ Ouhh.. I’m touching.. 😀

I will attend next class! For sure! Hahaha

Insyaallahh.. Okay, up until now, here it is my reflection for this week 6. May peace be upon you! 😀

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… eXciTeD ! ! …



Assalamualaikum everyone.. 😀

Honestly, I don’t know how to explain how busy and tired I was in week 5. So many assignments, got quiz, club activities, meetings and so on.. Huhu 😦 I guess this is how a university students life should be, MAYBE..


“Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity.

Don’t fight them.

Just find a different way to stand.”


But then.. I realized!

          Of course I am!

Everybody knows that Allah knows what is best for us.

So why should we complain? We always want the sunshine. 

But He knows there must be rain.  

So.. I need to be stronggg right!! 🙂

Okay.. Move on!

For week 5 class, our beloved ‘ummi’, Dr. Rosseni still got outdoor work to do. But, it’s fine as we still got Puan Hazrati & Encik Helmi. I respect them so much yet they always be with us and helping us whenever we need them or ‘Ummi’ is not around.

We started the class by having a clear explanation on why it is so important for TESL students like me, like my classmates to take and completing this course. Hurmm…. I wonder why..  :/ *think*think*think

Haaaa….. I want to share the answer here!

————> Educational Networking: The important role Web 2.0 – EdTechLive

Well… I found myself a really.. really good article that explaining on why learning this ‘Educational TECHNOLOGY’ course is important.  But it is in pdf version. But it doesn’t matter right? Read it! It’s my guarantee that this article is soooo gooood (err.. Gardenia’s tagline? Never mind. Hihi 🙂 )

Here are some of the BEST SENTENCE that really touches me as the educator to be. *really..?? *Am I?*


What do you think by just reading the sentence above? For me, YES, nowadays, education and the using of technology should be getting along as lenient as it can be. Standart 1 students are allowed to bring handphone to school what.. (I’m talking in Malaysia context) Yes.. So, why can’t we adjust the situation that can give much more benefits to the students and to educational system as well?? It is in our hand… (Nokia’s tagline. 🙂 hehe)

Thanks Puan Hazrati for the explanation.. :

– Instructional Design –

– Assure Model –

Next, Encik Helmi took turn and explaining on how to record video using different techniques. He did really good as it is a new knowledge that I can make us to record my ‘Introductory Video’. (I’m sorry ‘Ummi’ for recording this late than my friends and insert this in my reflection 5. But the truth is I’m working this during week 5. I’ve put so much effort to this video by hoping this can enlighten you. *No bribing*) hehe 🙂


Before sharing my awesome ‘Introductory Video’, thanks once again to Encik Helmi for sharing many new things with a beginner like us. Now, I know about ‘Zoom, Pan, Tilt, Dolly, Truck, and many more! Hurm.. I guess you must be lost with what I’m talking about. (kan.. kan.. *grin*)

So.. this is the link that I’m talking about. Here, you may know much about making video, recording angle, story board and many many more… The link? Haa..

Encik Helmi’s blog:

Last but not least, Encik Helmi also taught us on creating our own ‘QR CODE’.

GOTCHA! (got u)

You are asking about what is QR CODE right..? I knew it.. Haha 😀

From :

It explains that :  at its most basic, a QR CODE is a barcode on steroids. They’re used for encoding information in two-dimensional space — like in the pages of magazines, in advertisements and even on TV and Web sites. They were originally used to track auto parts, but have become popular (especially in Japan) for much broader, often commercial purposes.

Lastly….. Here is my INTRODUCTORY VIDEO : Dedicated specially to our “Ummi’ Rosseni a.k.a. Dr. Rosseni, our beloved lecturer!

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+ my thoughts.. +

Assalamualaikum… 🙂

Here I am once again.. For week 4, I’ve done with 2 post. Why..? Errmm.. I don’t know. I just felt like I need to add more to my blog and make sure that I fit the assignment requirement.

Prof. Rosseni was out for some work in Kedah, so all the facilitators took place guided us for our assignment. We started the class by having a preface about ‘Photography’ by Mr. Faisal. He touches on ‘Rule of Third’ and and ‘Aesthetic Exposure Triangle’. Some of my friends like Fahmi, Atikah Hajar and a few others may know about this. The rest of us, it did make us impressed! Thank you Mr. Faisal for the knowledge!

Here are some websites that may help us to understand more about the talk. I do not own any of these. Just sharing because it did help my understanding. Hopefully it helps others as well. 😀




Ok.. This is our task for week 4. I use ‘Jing’ (software to capture image) to make it clear :

Source :

From my opinion, YES, I admit that the availability of web 2.0 application (WordPress, Fb Group etc.) in this course have helped me overcome my problem. What is my problem? From the beginning, I don’t really involve with all the technology or even use the. Rarely using the technology made me lost during my 1st semester in GGGE 1155. I felt like want to drop my TESL course as I’m too naive in this subject. Me, myself don’t really know or noticed on how I work hard until I’m here now, knowing all those stuff of web 2.0. Alhamdulillah… I’m glad. And I thanked God for the strength He gave me.

It do increases my confidence, helping me doing presentation, help me in communication, writing and other skills and changes me to become more creative and critical in solving problems to complete any tasks given. Not only in this subject, now I tend to use web 2.0 almost in all subjects to complete all my assignments.  How ironic! Haha 😀

Because of that, I spent some time working on this video. Special thanks to Ummi Rosseni, all facilitators, and all my friends (especially Imran Yazid for the software and advice). All of you are awesome!  And this is my first time uploading video in Youtube. Thanks once again Mr. Helmi for the guidance! You are great!

That’s all for this week. Assalamualaikum.. 🙂

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~…i BeLieVe i Can FLY…~

Assalamualaikum and good day…!

For today class, (wow! we are already in Week 4) our class was conducted by      Bro Faisal, Bro Helmi, Sis Anna and Sis Hazrati because of our beloved professor,   Prof. Dr. Rosseni Din was out for some work. We do miss you, Ummi.. 🙂

Ok then, move on.. We were asked to do reflection on all the readings that we have made thus far.

From Dr. Rosseni blog —->

Week 1 : education, educational technology and instructional design

Week 2 : the reading of all 4 group blogs and 19 of last semester’s TESL GE2153 students’ individual blog

Week 3 : reading of other materials in the course blog (computer education blog and  modulvideo blog) and the video production FB group

Honestly, I’m quite lost because I worried that all my reflection was far different from what Dr. Rosseni asked. I’m lost hereee……. 😦

But, ‘THANKS A LOT to all facilitators for their hard work and concern towards us. They did a great job Dr. And yes.. This is a sincere compliments from me. They helped us a lot! 😀

By doing all the reflection, it makes me know on my progress every week and make sure that whatever ‘new knowledge’ that we had learned, I did not miss it. I recorded it here. Err.. Not really recorded. Reflected maybe. I do learn and knew many new things during this class. I enjoy this class and I’m sure the others felt the same. I guarantee that!

From my opinion, I really like the way this class is conducted. No pressure, full with new bursting ideas, new experiences, the ‘ukhwah’ itself and for sure, the lecturer and facilitators. We can just do the assignment on our own, ask the lecturer and facis’ on the spot about anything, fun ways interaction, having our own group on Facebook and always keep in touch. I sincerely admit that I’m a busy person with burdens of responsibility. But, Alhamdulillah, I still can cope with this class and the lessons.  Thanks to Mr Helmi for the help. Whenever I stuck, that’s the link that lead me back.

Finally, I promised to myself to do my best. Thank you Prof. for always giving a warming advice and helps us in the class. We love you.. 


OuR jOuRney BeGinS….

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone!

Yeah.. Here I am now, reflecting myself on our video production progress. For this week, we were asked to create and come out with the general idea for our video production. Basically, it is more or less like pre-production video. We were discussing and planning on:

1. Types of video we want to choose

2. Combination of ideas

3. Audio we are planning to insert

4. Dialogue

And… Lastly…. We were asked to….

SKETCHING/PROTOTYPING the idea using plasticine and tools given. This is our first time doing this thing and of course, we were enjoying ourselves! Playing plasticine, rolling it, blend the colours, shaping it and using our creativity to come out with our prototype.




It took such a long time to wait until each group had finished their work and presented it to the rest. Now, here are the BEST SHOT from our photographer ATIKAH HAJAR and special thanks to FARAHIN. 🙂

Thanks guys for the pictures…



Thanks a lot to Ummi Rosseni, Bro Faisal, Bro Helmi, Sis Anna, Sis Hazrati and to all whose helping us! May God repay your good deed and stay AWESOME~~~

Assalamualaikum… 😉


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i ChaNgeD My MinD~

Assalamualaikum.. 🙂

Hi.. This should be my 2nd reflection actually. I decided to just compile my 2nd and 3rd reflection together. But.. I changed my mind.. Why..? Hurm.. Let me see…

Because of this… ———————–>

(I already download this video and has changed it format, -from .flv to .wmv- but I just can’t upload it here. I don’t know why 😦 So, I just print screen it here. Hehe)

The task asked us to elaborate on the uniqueness of the video/link that we provided in our reflection. Of course, I do have much things to share about the uniqueness of this video.  At first, after watching this video, it felts like my tears will coming out. It is sooo touching.  But it is NOT because I’m a pious person or trying to persuade anyone to watch this video. NO!

It is because the video is SO BEAUTIFULLY arranged, with the excellent background sound and the way the man recites it. Even though IF the man  is talking/recites the poem about ‘MOTHER’, I’m sure I will like it as well. He did great! But of course, the man is talking about my beloved Prophet, Muhammad S.A.W makes me immersed more into it. I noticed that after the video ends, some of my friends already wipe for their tears. (including me actually)

The way the man ‘stressed’ on every particular sentences did make a great effect together with the ‘BOOM’ sound. And of course, the text provided also had helped in understanding the poem better. The intonation also plays an important thing in making video. It helps in creating and influencing the audience mood as well as getting their attention.

Honestly, I believed that if the listener don’t even know or never come across with the name ‘Muhammad S.A.W’, he/she will search for the story of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and find out about ‘who is the great man that the poet is talking about’. From that, I concluded, the way/how we presenting our idea is VERY IMPORTANT to attract peoples attention to watch our video till the end. By then, of course they will understand and get the message that we are trying to convey. 🙂


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