04 Jun

salam lagi

Today is our presentation day! The last day of our class for this course GGGB 3223 Learner Diversity & Differentiated Learning. Everybody seems ready for presenting the KIT. But for this time around, we combine our tutorial group with the other tutorial group. So, there will be 8 groups of presentation. I was wondering if we can finish this class in just 2 hours time. Naah, it’s ok. Let’s proceed to the presentation. Everybody showed a good effort and had done their best! Basically, this is our tutorial group task:

GROUP 1: Yasmin, Adira, Jannah, Nora

* Dyslexia
* Learning Style

GROUP 2: Farah, Niesa, Nadia, Imran

* Autism
* Multiple Intelligences

GROUP 3: Ana, Veni, Prasna, Aie

* Gender/Culture/Ethnicity/Language
* Personality

GROUP 4: Kak Ana, Kak Ika, Sheqin, Zarina

* Youth-at-Risk
* Previous educational experiences & SES

YES! My group consists of Kak Ana, Kak Ika and also Zarina. Our topic is about Youth-at-Risk and how it relates to previous educational experiences & SES (socioeconomic status). IT IS A REALLY HARD TOPIC actually. It gave all of us a headache before we could really understand it. In this KIT, we got slide presentation, a poster and also a video.






That’s it! Sorry because I can’t share the video here. It is a nice video and my friends also like it! Thank you y’allss! 🙂 hehe


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